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Mobile Suit Gundam Seed director Mitsuo Fukuda confirmed on Monday that the upcoming Gundam Seed film project is a sequel to the second Gundam Seed television anime, Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny



He added that his late wife, Gundam Seed head scriptwriter Chiaki Morosawa, conceived the story. He noted that she was not satisfied with the story initially and so she revised it countless times, even after she became sick. Eventually, she had over 100 drafts, but Fukuda confirmed the script is complete with the help of new contributors, including himself.


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2 hours ago, Maximilian said:

Che il cielo ci aiuti tutti... :fear:

Sapevo che tu in particolare saresti stato contentissimo del fatto che si tratterà di un seguito di Destiny :°_°: 

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Gundam's Yoshiyuki Tomino Reminds Us All That Char Definitely Has Sex





One particular suggestion that came up on social media was Gundam's Char Aznable. The source for this claim: an interview with Yoshiyuki Tomino from the Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack fan book, first published in December 1993. In the interview, Tomino is very frank about discussing the sex lives of his characters, saying that it is an important part of conceiving a fleshed-out world and character relationships.

Regarding the character of Char's love interest Nanai, Tomino said, "To a certain degree as you get older, you can really understand a person through that part (sex)... and at those times, you can't detach sex from your thinking. That's why I absolutely have to imagine what Nanai's vagina is like. It's something I particularly think about during the scriptwriting phase."

He went on to say that when drawing the storyboards, he thought, "I don't want her vagina to be all withered out," because he thought "it would reflect poorly on Char, and Nanai isn't a dull woman herself." He wanted to convey the feeling of their relationship in the scene where Nanai sits on Char's lap. "It was a challenge to myself to figure out what this woman would be like when she's sitting there, being made love to. It was no trifling matter."

He also said that he conceived Nanai as the kind of self-confident woman who would be a good match for Char. "There are times when a man wants to embrace a woman, and I thought, 'If he's going to do it, it might as well be with a woman like Nanai.'"

When it comes to matters of oral sex, Tomino was just as frank, stating that he looked for a voice actress whose performance carried a level of expectation for sexual reciprocation.

"Have a degree of dignity when going to bed with a man. Think to yourself, 'If this guy doesn't go down on me, I'll kill him!"

Incidentally, don't count out Amuro. In the same interview, Tomino said that he really wanted to bring out a "raw/carnal feeling" in the confrontation between Amuro and Char, "to the degree that you might wonder whether the two of them are homosexual."



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7 ore fa, Chocozell ha scritto:

Ho finito War in the Pocket. Non è stato nemmeno malvagissimo, nonostante la voglia di abbiocco. Bernie mi era anche simpatico. 

Non ho ben capito perché esista sta serie:ahsisi:

E' una delle piu' belle di Gundam che io ricordi (considerato che e' comunque impossibile tenere testa a tutta la produzione).

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10 hours ago, Acromio said:


Si vede. Al di là della qualità tecnica (che secondo me regge ancora, nonostante il Gundam sembrasse fatto con la plastilina), il resto è tutto molto fumoso. Carino, ma dimenticabile.


Qualcuno sa come sia la versione italiana di 0083?

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